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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


It's been a couple of years since I last participated in this.. I've done an ornament exchange the last couple of years.. but I can't really see anyone wanting this one.. Actually it might look nice on the glass of the front door but it's way too heavy for my charlie brown tree..... actually the enameled leaves are really a much closer colour match than they appear to be in these pictures!

Holly with a bad hair day!

White bead is lampwork (mine) most of the components are copper wire or enameled copper sheet.  the holly berries are seed beads.

Hopefully the link to the hop will be added tomorrow?
ornament-blog-hop-party 2015

The list of participants is at the bottom of the blog!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More on cat head pendants....

My first cat head commission was Tucker a black cat with a white chin...  I didn't even have a picture of him  I can visualize that.....

Next a Calico cat called Calipso  Cali for short as you can see she has nice regular markings... and that orange colour isn't a glass colour that is made... and she hissed at the photographer....

Markings for bead...  I found it was too difficult to keep looking at the photos and the bead is flat...
left one done from photo blech,  #2 I ran out of propane half way through, so while I was reheating it I  remixed my orange glass to finish this bead so  it has two colours of orange, 3 the whiskers are too fat, but I like the chin # 4 ..... will have to do!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Playing with paper.....

Prototype paper necklace..  Made from paper strips, the blue beads are etched glass and the orange seed beads are seed beads which are an awesome colour and also an awesome price  (ie expensive!)

Since I really enjoy wearing my paper necklace I made one for a New Brunswick charity auction, hopefully at least two  someone 'elses' will like this!  It also has small round amethysts between the beads.
Since Auction pieces need titles...
It's called

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A typical Saturday... One can only hope not!

This morning after spending the last 4 days going through every bucket of beads in the  350 sq/ft room I've claimed for my beads: at least 5 times.... I picked up a drawer with silver findings to put it back where it should belong, and guess what the missing beads were under the drawer...grrr  

Then my first customer of the day came in and said :
"well you won't have very many customers for awhile" 

Me "why?"

Her "that little girl"

Me "what little girl"

Her "well they found a dead little girl on Deer Island"

Me " there are a lot of Deer Islands and I haven't seen a cop car here since last summer, so I don't think so"

Her " there is more than one place called Deer Island????"

Me  "3 or 4 that I can think of"

Her  "Oh"

And guess what I had never even heard of Deer Island MA part of the greater Boston area  where the body was found, so there is now another Deer Island....  With the internet how can someone be out by that far on location!
ie: be that ignorant.. or is it stupid?

And what is a blog without an image...
A 'Netfloat' bracelet'  hand wound hollow beads made from Caliente Glass... and yes I have a fairly significant stash!

Monday, June 29, 2015

My Cat's had kittens!

I bought a metal press from Bavarian Beads in November.  First bead I mad with it I added glass to the top edge instant ears... and decided that the bead looked like cat heads and that's all I've made with the press cat head after cat head after cat head.....
The most recent batch of kittens!

A black raku kitty 'torti' with a custom enameled clasp because 2mm findings don't fit 2 mm leather cord!

This might eventually end up on my etsy site but at the moment they are being adopted as fast as mommy kitty can produce them!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Snow is gone - magnolia is blooming AND..... a jewellery post (drumroll please?)

I was sent two 'die-formed' pieces of copper just after Christmas from Art Jewelry Magazine
This was one of them after I punched a bunch of holes in it...

First coat of enamel
I made some of my red enameled poppies to decorate it.. they were suppose to go  around the bump but I couldn't get them to look good on that side so  they went in the bump!
Then I built it a hand made copper and bead chain...
The other piece was oval (I did trim it) The copper was heat treated then'riveted' to an enameled backing  and attached to a 'me-made' copper chain

Couldn't find my liver of sulpher so tried a boiled egg... Never again.  Mainly because I've found my liver of sulpher (right where it was suppose to be - and will never misplace it again)!  and my DH thought it was a major waste of an egg!

To see all the entries click here die-forming-challenge

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Snow is mostly gone so I can find the studio!

we're all sold but mommy knows how to make more!

Trying to come up with the perfect endcap for lentil beads

The other side  I think there's a crack because I used metal enamels for the implossion not glass enamels... may just be a weird bubble but whatever.. Guess it's mine!